Turning Learning into Teaching

Experiences from the Ember Learning Team

By Todd Jordan

  • My (Brief) Ember Story
  • Ember Learning Team
  • Random Lessons learned about participating in Ember
My Ember Story
Started last March

at a bank

Escaped to Interactive Intelligence

and yes, we're hiring...


Learning Ember at 1.10, coming from java...

So as I was...

working on improving our test suite

I found myself updating test docs

working on transitioning our code from Ember 1 to 2

I found myself updating deprecation docs

working on using ember 2 components

I found myself updating component docs

So I was around, doing stuff

got asked on the docs call

kept going to that, doing stuff

got asked on the learning team


So Yeah, Learning Team

Its a Thing

What is the Learning Team?

Documentation for those Learning Ember (Guides, Tutorial)

References (API Doc)

Howtos (Ember Watch)

Advanced Documentation (In the works!)

Finding Stuff (Website Navigation)

Infrastructure for Learning (website, guides, api)

Hearth (Graphical Ember-CLI)

Community (Trolling Slack, SO, Discourse)

Random Lessons in Giving Back

Your First Contribution can be Intimidating...

But Being an OSS Contributor is not just writing the new rendering Engine

There are lots of ways to contribute!

Docs are a good way to start!

Easy Wins

Get your environment setup

Build trust

Make a huge impact!!!!

Policy of Avoiding Internal Documentation

if its important for your team, its likely to be important to the community

Consistency Turns into Trust

Lots of Work Todo, Lots of People that Desire to Help

Connecting the two is hard

Great Communities Require EMPATHY

The newb today could be your best contributor tomorrow!

Reach Out!